Monday, March 29, 2010

Ronde Von Manor & Manda

So according to my holy training bible I'm supposed to be at peak form. According to the law of nature I'm at my worst form; suffering from allergies and sinus infections. Spewing mucus to and fro. It's almost as if I'm a plant and snot is my pollen. I showered some poor bastard with the entire contents of my nasal cavity at Manor.
3/4 race, 60 miles, 5 laps, 12:30pm, sunny, light SE wind. Did everything by the book. Ate 2 hours before, warmed up for 20 minutes. I'm not fully recovered from a head cold though. Got in a break on the 3rd lap with 4 guys. Didn't stick even a lap. No counter. Stayed up front most of the time. Not pushing to hard exept up the hill and around the finish turn into the wind. Race was stopped before the hill on last lap to let the Pro race lap us. Legs lock up during lead into sprint. First time to cramp. DFL. Ghost burger was excellent.
same, same, strong NW winds. Tired, sore, disgruntled. Saw Griz up from during a fast tailwind section on first lap and went for the solo victory. Lost sight of peleton. Caught soon after turn into wind. No counter. Griz flats. Slow single file. Hard to follow wheels and not cross center-line. Attacks into wind shatter group after 3rd lap. Felt unusually strong during bridges. Need to herd better though. Too much bridging takes it's tool. A flatted Griz catches me. Head down, shouting at the top of his lungs "C'mon Jessay! I latched on for a couple pedals. I was cooked with 2 laps to go.

Not much packed in my suitcase of courage for the HammerFest.

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