Monday, March 29, 2010


Sick with a head cold, I arrive at the cozy ranch house late Friday night to find Patricio, Tiki, and Jamie watching 'O Brother where art thou?

Sat RR:

7:30am, 68miles, 3 laps, thunderstorms expected. The roll out is sketchy and stupid. 2 hours in comes the NW storm front. Most flatted, some quit. The follow vehicles decide to park in the middle of the road for the race to dodge. I make it through and feel great after warming up on the hill on the last lap. Me, Tiki, and Griz are there. I flat at the top of the hill. No wheel truck. Forced to hitchhike into town to find Mateo half naked and nearly dead in the truck. I debate for 30 warm minutes weather to grab his wheels and do another lap and a half to be eligible for following stages. Negative.
Meanwhile back at the ranch, While the survivors head off for the TT, I watched Hincapie's win at the 2001 Gent-Wevelgem, then packed up and rode home against the fierce wind.

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