Monday, April 5, 2010

Hammerfest Destiny

According to legend, I was born the same year Eddy Merckx was punched in the stomach during the Tour de France to prevent him from beating Jacques Anquetil's record of 5 Tour wins. I like moving forward, which must make me a Progressive. Glenn Beck discovered that Progressivism is really Fascism, which means Conservatism is code for Racism.
Racist purism led to a fort being built near the Davis Mountains in west Texas in service of the messy business of Manifest Destiny. Since I'm a Fascist I want to take away my opponents freedom to win the Ft. Davis Hammerfest.

Take a closer look at these two pictures:

Now look at this Peyote induced bead art from a Huichol Indian:

Take a closer look at the detail:

Now look at this:


  1. Jesse,

    This is deep stuff. I too am a fascist and I hate freedom. I think I enjoy ft. davis because it uses the force of gravity to strip away our freedom... the freedom to ride fast up hills.

    If you want to go to Mark White Eagle (shoshone shaman) with me this weekend perhaps we can score some peyote.

  2. Wow, Jesse. Today's post is powerful stuff. I am reeling and can't focus on my job. I think the desert is calling me back.

    How are you feeling today? Are the stars lining up?

  3. I'm feeling a bit gassy today. I ate a load of chickpeas yesterday.
    I set my bike up for the time trial late last night, with a forward tilting seat post and some aero bars. I tried this new position out for about 25 pedal strokes, forgoing the wind tunnel. I've toured with aero bars so it's nothing new, except for a 30 pound difference on the front end.

  4. this ancient wisdom. this is tradition. you will conquer freedom this weekend GVS. i had such premonitions whilst nestled tenderly in tiki's beach bod arms beneath the wolf moon a few months has been written in time.