Monday, February 9, 2009

Alsatian Country Omnium

Spanish racing sensation Nicolas Andres Ibarra, "The Old Man", stormed off from the gun apparently in an effort to lap the field before the first lap was over. Nico was pulled back after loosing time shaving his legs in the Medina River.The Grizza tried to hide out and go for the sprint, but the sprint teams couldn't miss the young stars 8 foot frame weaving through the pack. I was no help at all since I abandonded the race to sign autographs for the star stricken tifosi. Handsome young Grizzaldo was 1st across the line, but his front wheel was 5th.

The pro cat four Team Wooly Mammoth squad made the start red eyed and groggy from a late night sponsorship party that ended us entertaining the the podium girls in Mathew O'Morreys pop up trailer. Wooly Mammoth Betty "Bellissimo" Hodges showed up with T. Boonen and the party kicked into high gear.
The team Soigneur is prepared for just such "incidents" and we were ready to go by morning. Of course Nico being a traditional naturalist refused any "enhancements". He struggled just to stay awake. I broke away into the wind early and took 3 with me. Grizza and Nico blocked the pack by joining hands and jamming on the brakes. I could have easily gone away solo, but I'm working on pack sprints. Griz, having been informed of my intentions, dropped the beaten down pack and chased on to the lead group for nearly 100 miles solo only to blow himself out for me 2 meters from the line. My Rival is as cunning as a grey fox and as ferocious as a cornered possum and he nipped me at the line by a beard hair. The day was his, but we will soon meet again meet again.

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