Monday, November 2, 2009

Season in Review

Hello my friends,

The pre-season begins

Randonneuring central Texas with Texans
Belgian cuisine
Prepared Texas style
Me and Jennifer on pilgrimage to obtain blessing from elders.

We meet a lost tribe of Belgians in St. Mary, Ohio who resupplied us with embrocations and creams. In gratitude we created a mosaic depicting Icelandic Sagas.

Real West Virginians succeed were maps fail.

The Journey was often hard...
...and narrow
...and beautiful
After reaching the homelands we appeased the elders with our first born...

...dressed in Team Wooly Mammoth's 2010 team kit.
They were very pleased......and presented us with a 1975 Yamaha XS650

Which became the race-mobile.
But something went horribly wrong and I fell much out of form.
I consulted the sages.
Form was established

Honor was restored

The child traded away for the Yamaha escaped and found her way to Texas for revenge,In exchange for the chords to stairway to heaven she let me live.

Bonus Product review section!

Schwalbe Ultremos!
The complete opposite end of the spectrum from their Marathons.
Best race bike fenders:

Best epic Euro band:

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  1. Ultra cool race photo bro. Cool speed Golden Eagle Guissepe!