Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall Base Miles

This is the first season I have taken training seriously. I bought the 90's edition of the "Cyclist Training Bible", a heart rate monitor, and have started lifting weights. I'm also serious about saving money, so the book and the H.R.M. were bought second hand, and the weights are cinder-blocks on the ends of a cedar post.
I've done a couple centuries. One accidental, by getting lost around Turnersville where all the roads are called Tunersville and are very turny, and one intentional ride to Gruene and back with Ben, Nick, and Tom F.,Where we met up with K.B. in San Marcos on the way back. My bottom bracket came loose in San Marcos. Luckily there was a shop open. I told the guy " Just tighten it down". He can't get past that none of my components are supposed to be compatible with each other. After an hour of the poor bastard tryin to "fix it right" he brings it back to me "just tightened down". I'll just use a rock and a screw neck time.
So we hustled it back to Austin just before dark but poor 'ol Benny Boy bonked real hard right after crossing onion creek on Old San Antonio road. I recommend a root-beer float and potatoes for lunch not cheeseburgers.

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